Thursday 26/9 08.00–16.00 + Friday 27/9 08.00–17.00

Five Startups | Two Days

Have you ever thought of joining a startup or launching your own idea? This is your chance to take the first step and participate in the SPG Startup Bootcamp! 

During two intense days packed with practical know-how we will work with you to take an early stage idea and develop it into a strong and validated concept and pitch.

Each participating team will be paired up with industry business and design professionals who will work intensively and closely with you in the following areas: 

C U S T O M E R: Insights & Trends | Brand | Design 

P R O D U C T: Concept | Technology | Experience 

B U S I N E S S: Business Model | Financing | Pitching 

Participants will have the chance to qualify our SPG Summit program where we help you commercially launch your idea. This is a unique opportunity to quickly take your idea forward. And it's absolutely free of charge! 

Don't hesitate, apply now! 


A well-formulated business concept at an early stage with international potential.

Companies who can participate on site in Visby both days.

A team that has a will to learn and to share their experiences with others.

Time and opportunity for tasks before the actual boot camp.

Participants of different genders / ages / origins / experiences as we value diversity in the group.


Coaching from leading experts (in eg design and concepts, sales, marketing, finance) 

Contact with potential customers to develop and start selling quickly. 

A great pitch! Develop and test your pitch to actual customers. 

A strong network with other companies, financiers, potential customers and partners.

The opportunity to attend local events such as Tech Meetup Gotland and Företagardagen together with other participants.

The opportunity to participate in international events that fit your company's profile, such as: SIME, Slush, Nordic Food Industry and Sweden Demo Day.


Fill in the application form on this page no later than September 20. In the application we want you to describe the following:  

- Briefly describe your business idea

      - Information about the company 

      - Why you want to participate in SPG Startup Bootcamp 


      1. An assessment group selects the companies based on the content of the applications. We recommend you write a descriptive and informative application. 
      2. If you are selected you will be contacted and given preparatory materials and tasks that must be completed + sent to SPG on September 20 at the latest. This is to  ensure you get the help you need during the event. 
      3. Send the completed tasks to: 


      The assessment group consists of Science Park Gotland and representatives from the business community.

        Apply now!

        Experts (updating)

        Christian Crusius
        Freelancing Graphic Designer & Art Director

        Christian are great at "Visualize ideas, create graphic material that represent organisations, challenge concepts and ask questions that require you to think deeper"

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        Elena Klepikova
        Service Design Lead @ Fjord Stockholm

        Elena is "passionate about all things within human-centric design; my job is understanding people and uncovering their needs in order to create the most impactful, delightful and sought after products and services!"

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        Victor Länsman
        Business Designer @ Fjord Stockholm

        Victor can "help you analyze market forces, your category, and people mindsets so that you can articulate a strong value proposition. That will be the heart of both your business model, brand and pitch to investors."

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        Patricio Casaubon
        Business Designer @ Fjord Stockholm

        Patricio is "Making sense of insights and bringing ideas to life."

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